Learning for Success Nursery
and Infants International

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Email: info@lsnis.com

Location: Bijilo, Near Turntable

Building Character - Building Success!

Visits to the school are warmly welcomed and will provide you with the opportunity to see what learning for success nursery and infants international school is about.

Our Curriculum

British national curriculum

Mastery approach to teaching Maths

Certified systematic phonics scheme

Text book approach to teaching grammar, reading comprehensive and writing composition

About Us

Our Story

Leaning for Success Nursery and Infants International School provides an inspiring primary curriculum where character education education is at its heart.

We believe that learning should go beyond the classroom and therefore aim to inspire, train and maintain a strong interest and and knowledge in agriculture, vocational skills and African culture.

What We Offer

Modern and vibrant classrooms with up to update technology.

A learning community promoting, modelling and valuing lifelong learning.

A nurturing, positive and holistic learning experience for every pupil

Our Team

UK trained head teacher with character education and Maths specialism.

Qualified skilled teachers from the UK, USA and Africa.

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+220 7894392